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Located in Frisco ,TX
2995 Preston Rd #1570
Frisco,TX 75034
SW corner of Preston and Gaylord
Mon 8am-5pm
      Classy K9 Cuts is not your conventional grooming shop. Our shop is by appointment only and we start on your dog shortly after they arrive. The whole process takes about 2 hours or less. We do not believe making dogs stay all day makes for a positive grooming experience. All of our groomers are professorially trained and have their own specialty.

     We make every effort to making sure your dog is safe in our care. By this we NEVER use cage dryers. All dogs are hand dried and fluffed. All dogs are placed in freshly sanitized cages and those cages are then sanitized as soon as your dog has gone home. 

                             We offer a wide verity of services.

*All breed grooming - We groom every breed in the book. 

*Show grooming
- There are some breeds that we specialize in and groom for AKC and UKC shows as well as nation wide grooming competitions .

*Custom trims
- We can modify a breed standard cut to make it your own. If your dogs breed standard cut does not fit his or her personality we can give you ideas of what might.

*Special Handling
- Our groomers are trained to handle special needs dog. Dogs that take a little extra time and care to be groomed properly.

*Teeth brushing
- We use a dental paste that is chicken flavored made for dogs. This paste has an enzyme in it that will continue to work on your dogs teeth even after we have brushed them.

*Nail filing
- We use a power dremal to smooth your dogs freshly cut nails.

*Medicated Shampoo
- We use a Chlorihexidine shampoo the relives itching and sores.

*Blueberry Facial scrub
- This is a Blueberry and vanilla scrub to help with stains and odor.

                     ( all services are subject to availability and price increases)


                                                All dog must be up to date on 
Dogs must have been vaccinated more then 24 hours prior to grooming. 

U.S. Pet Pro Classic 2011

2nd place in non sproting under 17inches championship entry

Lisa Roberts with CH Clarions Jackie O

(this is a grooming competition held in Dallas once a year that brings in the best from all over the nation)

                                               "Plano groomer offers                                             compassion with class"

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