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Grooming and Related Services

We offer 3 main packages. All packages include the following services:

  •  Bath with our natural shampoo

  •  Brush/Drying

  •  Anal Gland Cleansing - Keeps your pet healthy, comfortable and prevents infection or impaction

  •  Ear Cleaning/Plucking - Ears cleaned with a special solution and hair is plucked as needed to prevent infection

  •  Nail Trim - Helps keep the quick healthy and nail overgrowth which can cause damage to the paw or infection

Bath/Brush/Nails (BBN)
  • BATH : This includes a quality shampoo, with optional oatmeal and allergy available for dogs with special skin/hair needs. We use hypoallergenic as well as tearless products to ensure your pet has a truly enjoyable bathing experience.

  • BRUSH AND DRYING : Here your pet is dried using professional grade dryers which can dry a large long hair dog in only minutes. After your pet is fully dried we then brush out their coat to a beatufil soft look, and use our deshedding tools on any dogs that require it.

  • NAILS : We trim your dog's nails safely to ensure there is absolutely no pain involved. 

Pet Salon Frisco TX
Face/Feet/Sanitary Trim (FFS)
  • When opting for the Face/Feet/Sani Trim you receive everything included in our Bath/Brush/Nails Package PLUS :
  • A haircut around the dog's face, feet, and sanitary areas. This basic trim helps keep hair out of your pet's eyes, and keeps the hair in between the paws from becomming matted. Also, it keeps the hair around the sanitary areas from getting too long and getting contaminated when your pet uses the restroom (a must of long hair dogs).


Dog bathing frisco TX

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

dog groomer frisco tx
Full Groom

A full Groom includes all the BBN and FFS package plus a custom haircut for just about any breed of dog to your specifications! If you have something uncommon you want done, just bring us a picture and we'll be happy to accomodate any way we can!

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