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Our Services

All packages include the following services:

  •  Anal Gland Cleansing - Keeps your pet healthy, comfortable and prevents infection or impaction

  •  Ear Cleaning/Plucking - Ears cleaned with a special solution and hair is plucked as needed to prevent infection


Bath/Brush/Nails (BBN)

We know how important your pet is to you, which is why we offer a comprehensive Bath Brush and Nail Trim service that ensures your furry friend’s good hygiene. Our quality shampoo and hypoallergenic tearless products make for a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience. We use professional-grade dryers that are perfect for any size or coat type, and then brush out their coat to a beautiful and shiny finish. We’ll also safely and painlessly trim your dog’s nails to keep them healthy and happy.


Face/Feet/Sanitary Trim (FFS)

Maintain your dog's hygiene and appearance with our Face, Feet & Sanitary Trim services. Our expert groomers know how to give your furry friend the perfect basic trim to avoid matting of hair around their paws and keep hair out of their eyes. With our services, your dog will stay fresh and nice-smelling, especially around the sanitary area for proper hygiene.

*Includes services from Brush Bath and Nail services PLUS


Full Groom

At our dog grooming salon, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care and grooming services for your furry companion. Our Full Groom package is a complete grooming experience, including all of the BBN and FFS add-ons, along with a custom haircut tailored to your dog's individual needs. No matter what breed or style, we'll make sure that your dog leaves looking and feeling their very best.

*Includes services from BBN, FFS services PLUS

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