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Q: I am running late for pick up what do I do?

A: Please call us ASAP as we have limited room, but we will work with you. For extended hours, we will charge a late pick up fee.

Q: I am in a rush, do you have expedited service?

A: Yes, we offer expedited service, please see our grooming and additional services for pricing.

Q: How much does dog grooming cost at Classy K9 Cuts?

A: Our prices vary depending on the breed of your dog and the services you require. Please contact us with your dog breed and grooming needs for exact pricing.

Q: Do you groom all breeds of dogs?

A: Yes, we are experienced in grooming all breeds of dogs, from small breeds to giant breeds. Each breed requires different grooming techniques, and we are knowledgeable in handling them all.

Q: What factors affect the price of dog grooming at Classy K9 Cuts?

A: The price of dog grooming depends on your dog's breed, hair length, and other factors. For an exact price, please call or email us with your dog breed and what you want done.

Q: My dog's hair is matted. What is your process?

A: Depending on the level of matting and we are unable to brush out the mats resulting in a shave, an extra charge of $5 to $10 will apply.

Q: Can I stay with my dog during the grooming process?

A: Due to safety concerns, we do not allow owners to stay with their dogs during the grooming process. We take great care to ensure your dog's safety and comfort while in our care.

Q: Does Classy K9 Cuts require proof of vaccinations?    

A: Yes, we require up-to-date vaccination records for all dogs prior to services.
This allows us to maintain safety for you and our staff.

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