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Service Pricing & Additions
 During the weekdays, most pets can be completed within 4 hours.
On Fridays and Saturdays, it may take up 5 hours, especially for larger pets.

We offer many additional services for your pet, including...

  • Nail Grind/File ($8.00)  keeps floors and furniture looking good and safe!

  • Teeth Brushing ($8.00) fights bad breath and promotes good overall health

  • Specialty Shampoos such as Flea/Tick, Oatmeal, etc. ($5 - $8.00 size dependent)

  • Blueberry Facial ($5.00)

  • Add any ONE extra above for $8.00, TWO for $12.00, and THREE+ FOR $15.00. Note that an extra $8.00 of shampoo will be charged for  BIG or LARGE dogs.


Bath/Brush/Nails (BBN) :

Small ( up to 12 lbs)      $30

Medium (13 - 30 lbs)     $40

Large (31 lbs - 50 lbs)    $55

       Xtra Large (51 - 70 lbs)   $65

Face/Feet/Sani Trim (FFS) :

Small              $35

Medium         $50

Large             $65

Xtra Large      $75

Full Groom : 

Small             $55

Medium        $65

Large            $85

Xtra Large     $95



- Depending on the ACTUAL SIZE and  CONDITION of the dog coat, we reserve the right to adjust the above prices accordingly.

- An extra charge of $5 to $10 will apply if the dog is so matted that we cannot brush out the mats and have to shave.

- Extra brush can be requested at an extra charge of $5 -$15 depending on the size of the dog.

If you refer us any new customer, we'll happily give you 15% off your next visit!


Due to the nearly unlimited combinations of dog breeds, hair lengths, whether the hair is matted, how you prefer the haircut (very short trims can require special scissoring) for exact pricing, please call or email us with your dog breed and what you want done for exact pricing. If you need help or suggestions, we're here to help!

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